20, 21 May at 9.30pm
Friday and Saturday

Concept, direction, set designer, puppets design and construction: Pickled Image - Dik Downey, Vicky Andrews Puppeteers: Per Arne Løset, Gisle Hass Concept devising and script: Dik Downey, Vicky Andrews, Per Arne Løset Dramaturgical consultant: Preben Faye-Schjøll Makers: Max Humphries, Joris Hol, Jan Erik Skarby Costumes: Amanda Hambleton Composer: Simon Preston Technician: Evelina Dernbacke Sound design: Nathan Ng Lighting design: Jan Erik Skarby Co-production: Nordland Visual Theatre - Geir-Ove Andersen, Preben Faye-Schjøll, Ing Randi Johansen, Jan Erik Skarby, Anne Sørfjell Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/12 Time: 55 min. Language: Without words

This is the story of “Hunger”, set in a city that you cannot leave before it’s put a mark on you. A proud man struggles to break through as a writer. He is in a constant battle between his environment, the salivating monster inside him and the grinding, satanic mills of progress. "Hunger" is a dark, grotesque and provocative performance of human survival and man’s need to express himself. Written by Knut Hamsun in 1890, "Hunger" is widely regarded as one of the first to describe the interior of the human mind, while Hamsun himself is considered one of the founders of the modern novel. In 1920 he won the Nobel Prize for his novel “Growth of the Soil”. However, Hamsun is a highly controversial figure, vilified for his opinions and acts during the Second World War (He gave his Nobel Prize Medal to Goebbels and wrote an obituary for Adolf Hitler), he is also considered one of the greatest Norwegian authors of all time, influencing writers such as Thomas Mann, Arthur Schnitzler, Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

In 2009 Pickled Image was invited to design, direct and make the puppets for ‘Hunger’ a co-production with Nordland Visual Theatre and TinkerTing. Pickled Image’s adaptation explores the salivating monster of “Hunger”, touching on madness, delusion and creative genius with just a few puppets, two puppeteers, minimal props and a haunting soundtrack written by Bristol composer Simon Preston.

Hunger is a gobsmacker of terrible beauty in which the manipulators become one with the manipulated. This is pure stage magic where the choreographed style of the Eurozone meets the best-of-British puppet labs to create a world class spectacle. Surely destined to become a classic of the international adult puppet scene”.

Rina Vergano, Venue Magazine - Five Stars out of Five!

TinkerTing is the actor and puppeteer Per Arne Løset's own company. Løset's background is from the theatre companies Hollow Creature, as an actor for Grusomhetens Teater, Sogn og Fjordane Teater and multiple theatre shows

Pickled Image is a Bristol based Puppet Company who have been performing, making, teaching and filming puppets since they formed in the year 2000. The company has been totally immersed in the world of puppets, whether it’s performing their imaginative theatre shows, or out on the streets delighting audiences with their internationally successful “Bernard’s Puppet Bonanza”, Pickled Image has inspired and educated everyone with an interest in puppets.
Their puppet making and design has a bold and original style, commissions have included the BBC, Green Ginger, The Wright Stuff Theatre of Puppets and Garsington Opera, amongst many others. Pickled Image are involved with all aspects of puppet making, from character drawings to construction. Their puppetry techniques has been taught at Schools and Universities to computer animators, MA students and excitable Primary School children.

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