Torn de nit: serenata per orquestra mecànica


20, 21 May at 9.30pm
Friday and Saturday

Teatro Municipal da Guarda Guarda
27 May at 9.30pm

Music, concept, production and mechanical orchestra construction: CaboSanRoque Musicians and performers: Roger Aixut, Alberto Mezquíriz, Josep Seguí, Laia Torrents Scenography, costumes and make up: CaboSanRoque Film: CaboSanRoque e Shankara Films Light: Juanjo Surribas Sound: Guiu Llusà Co-production: Temporada Alta 2009- Festival de Tardor de Catalunya-Interreg IV, Centro Párraga with the collaboration of Institut Català d'Industries Culturals, Institut Ramon Llull Technique: Objects and music For audiences over: M/10 Time: 75 minutos Language: Catalan and Spanish with subtitles in Portuguese

A biscuit factory made into music. A serenade for mechanical orchestra…

The creation process of “Torn de Nit” (Night Shift) starts around November of 2008 provoked by the dismantling of the production line of a cookie factory. It was clearly a provocation! CaboSanRoque has recycled most of the mechanical components of the machines and converted them into a full automated orchestra (including wind, strings and percussion sections). Pistons, electro valves, pulleys, motors and conveyor belts dedicated to the elaboration of cookies during the last twenty five years come to life again as a reborn factory dedicated now to the production of music.

Each specific music fragment will determine the optimum momentary use of the elements in the production line, and the five musicians turned into qualified workers will execute, with a high level of skill, all the actions and rituals attached to the regular running of the factory. The irrational performance of the night shift becomes a mechanical choreography of pistons playing the accordion to the rhythm of cha cha cha, electro valves blowing into the trumpets of Jericho and a few ships spitting clouds of flour while announcing their departure moaning like dinosaurs in hit... Fortunately, the union has been able to negotiate a sandwich break on our behalf.

"In the auditorium smells like vanilla. But it was not just a story. A screen showed images of wafers in the conveyor belt, dropping to be packaged as laborer recalled the music done by the machine and how any changes in this sounds, melody or rhythm alerted to mechanical problems. Four musicians, sound laborers, play again this machine. A fantastic show”.

Luis Hidalgo, El País

CaboSanRoque was born in 2001 as a living room – lounge orchestra. Six years later, after having been in a flat on the fourth floor of Carrer Elisabets, one on the third floor of Carrer Ciutat, another on the first floor of Travessera and in a pit hole of Carrer Sant Llatzer in the heart of the Raval quarter (a 15m2 room that later became a Pakistani hairdressers), CaboSanRoque finally has a working place which enables the band to face and make new and impossible projects come true that were unthinkable up until then. The França Xica opens and is conceived as an open space for inspiration and sweat.
The band’s career is far from a straight line and, in fact, there are more and more splits and bifid lines, which cohabit with double and even triple personalities. These splits allow CaboSanRoque to be part of the musical scene in theatre, puppets, robotic and object festivals, without knowing too much about the whole thing. The first two records were released by g3g records (CaboSanRoque, 2003 and França Xica, 2005), and currently they can be seen live staging “La Caixeta de CaboSanRoque” and in concert presenting their new album “Música a Màquina” (Self-edited, 2007).

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