Teatro de Ferro

4 June at 4pm | 5 June at 9.30pm
Saturday and Sunday

Direction and performers: Carla Veloso and Igor Gandra Songs: Regina Guimarães Music: Fernando Rodrigues Other texts: Igor Gandra Lighting design: Gil Rovisco / Teatro de Ferro Stage photography: Susana Neves Set up direction: Gil Rovisco Construction workshop: Nuno Bessa, Américo Castanheira, Catarina Falcão, Mário Gandra, Sofia Marques, Joana Nina Puppets costumes: Ana Maria Ferreira Production: Teatro de Ferro Aknowledgements: Deolinda Fernandes, Prazeres Rovisco, Saguenail Companny sponsored by: Ministério da Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/10 Time: 50 min. Language: Portuguese

The company Teatro de Ferro returns to FIMFA with its new production, “Pandora”.

A show about the many shows that Pandora is or could have been. Let’s open the box of possibilities and ideas that would not see the light of day if curiosity was not also an art.

Pandora is a woman/girl who is growing up and in the [dis]comfort of home, goes around the world. She goes to discovery other ways that when we insist on trying we know we can find…

The Teatro de Ferro develops its work since 1999, in the universe of puppetry, movement and multimedia. Since 2003 has been sponsored of the Ministry of Culture. The company is located in Gaia, with artistic direction of Carla Veloso and Igor Gandra, who received the award Revelação Ribeiro da Fonte, attributed by the Ministério da Cultura / Instituto das Artes.

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