Théâtre de l’Entrouvert

12, 13, 14 May at 9pm and 11pm
Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Concept, direction, scenography and performer: Elise Vigneron Technical direction, lighting and sound design: Eric Dubos Collaboration: Aurélie Morin Dramaturgy: Stephanie Farison Construction: Elise Vigneron, Gérard Vigneron Assistant: Hélène Barreau Video: Eduardo Gomes de Abreu Costumes: Nadine Galifi Animation: Emmanuelle Lévy Production: Médis Création Co-production: Cie Le Théâtre de Nuit Supports: Département de la Drôme, Conseil Général de Vaucluse, Labellisation Pôle Culturel du Sud Luberon, lnstitut International de la Marionnette, La Gare à Coulisses, Le Vélo Théâtre, La Chartreuse de Villeneuve Lez Avignon Acknowledgements: Loane Dao, Antoine Lenoir, Mathieu Vigneron, Mathieu Vincent Technique: Mixed For audiences over: M/14 Time: 60 min. Language: Without Words Limited audience: 35

“Traversées” is a visual circuit, without words, created from snatches of text from “Seuils” (Thresholds) by Patrick Kermann, a stroll in the night under the guidance of a passeur, a figure in search of its identity.

Chiaroscuro: the doors open, seven thresholds show up, seven stages of light where are played successive scenes belonging to the in-between: narrow pass between inside and outside, being and seeming, presence and absence, life and death...

In these places of apparition, the vision is blurred by the coming into sight of forms, shadows, slides, plays of reflection, palimpsest writing.

Air, earth, fire, water, along with organic matter, go a long way to give a ritualistic dimension. Their density and fluidity come in tune with the internal feelings and collective memory of the travelers-spectators. A common space of intimacy opens out in the heart of this travel. On every threshold, individual beings experience together something that has no name; they feel the flaw, the frail instant of one’s presence to the world and to oneself.

Théâtre de L’Entrouvert was created in 2008 by Elise Vigneron, who attended the École Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette - ESNAM, in Charleville-Mézières.
Mixing visual arts, theatre and movement, this company plays with installations, puppets, shadows, images, different materials, just as they do with texts, sound and light. In this intimate theatre, the place and the relation with the spectators, the way they welcome the show and their relation to the scenic space are the heart of the research. The artistic project the Théâtre de L’Entrouvert wishes is blurring the marks, proposing unusual forms, investing different places, leading the spectators to experience something tangible and intimate.

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