Projecto Embrião | Short Forms

1, 2 June at 9.30pm and 11pm
Wednesday and Thursday

For audiences over: M/12 Time:60 min. Limited audience

In September of 2010, three young creators attended the Object Theatre Workshop by Agnès Limbos, within the “Projecto Funicular” - intensive workshops addressed to professionals. Under the “Projecto Embrião”, a new project supporting young creators which A Tarumba wishes to develop in next editions, they will premiere three short forms at FIMFA Lx11.

Luís Hipólito

Oh! Please!

Concept and performer: Luís Hipólito Co-production: FIMFA LX - in the framework of Projecto Embrião [supports young creators] Technique: Object theatre


It’s a shortcut, a personal and transmissible variation, “un certain regard”, about: How different and equal love is in Portugal.

“…Love simplicity, love delicacy…Oh! How good lovers are the Portuguese”
(The Cardinals´ Supper – Júlio Dantas)

Oh! Please do not touch me.

Love is green; love is blue, and sometimes has the colours of the rainbow too. Love is you and me, love is jealous as it can be!

Oh! Please do not touch…

You are different, indifferent. I wish to break right now your insensitive and cheap porcelain face, “made in Taiwan”.

Oh! Please do not…

I’m a Multiplex and you are a Simplex. Love is sometimes painted in “purple-slap” colour, guarded by chaperons or flavoured with Football, Fado and Fátima.

Love is like this, from the Stone Age till the moon. Manipulator and manipulated

Hand in hand; hand in the thing; the thing in the hand; the thing in the thing; the thing behind the thing.

Oh! Please do…

Am I a cheesy existentialist? True! Do all the ways lead to ROMA? Yes, they say! ROMA the other way around gives AMOR/love? Right, in Portuguese at least it works? This is just a way. This is just one possible way. This is just a way of walking.

Where do you want to go today?
Today I want to go tomorrow
(Adília Lopes dixit)

Cast the first stone who has never conjugated the verb: To Love. Nor has it been only in an academic exercise; in one tense; in the first person singular or in an unpronounceable variation.

Oh! Please…


Luís Hipólito, journalist and actor in progress (born on the 11th of July, in Lisbon, “the city of my heart”).
In 1995, he graduated in Agronomic Engineering, and specialized in tropical and subtropical studies.
He has been working as television journalist for 12 years, and ever since he can remember he’s been doing “work in progress” theatre… Passions cannot be explained! He has worked in cinema for Manoel de Oliveira with Catherine Deneuve, “a lifetime experience for life and for the entire life”. In Theatre, he has searched with Lucia Sigalho for the limits in “Sensurround”, for the others realities in “Realidade Real” and everything and nothing in “Procura-se”. He has done broadcasting, translating and subtitling. He has written about music and dance for the newspaper “Expresso” and authored several Chronicles for the magazines Cosmopolitan and Gingko. He likes challenges and, even knowing that “The perfection is the enemy of the good”, he doesn’t stop trying. “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” by Susan Sontag describes perfectly his DNA.
In 2010, he was invited by A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas to attend the Workshop “The actor facing the object”, directed by Agnès Limbos and, since then, he has been working regularly with this Company.

Joaquim René

Un hombre al borde
de un ataque de nervios

Concept and performer: Joaquim René Acknowledgements: Mónica Moreira, Zé Rui Co-production: FIMFA LX - in the framework of Projecto Embrião [supports young creators] Technique: Object theatre

Mucha Pasión
Una puntita de ajo
Un terrorista
Pan duro
Y valium

“A man on the verge of a nervous breakdown”
We mix everything and we have the story of a man in love on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Any resemblance between the fiction and … the fiction, it’s not just pure coincidence.

In 2010, Joaquim René attended the Workshop “The actor facing the object”, directed by Agnès Limbos. He was direction assistant in the plays “The Blue Room”, “Via Dolorosa”, “My Zinc Bed”, “Fausto Morreu”, “Shopping and Fucking”, “Um Estado Permanente” and “Terroristas” (directed by Carlos Afonso Pereira). He created the video/performance “Ele, uma imagem, uma música, um vídeo” (2002) and, with Carlos Afonso Pereira, the videos for the plays “The Blue Room”, “Fausto Morreu” e “Um Estado Permanente”. Joaquim René has been the production director at the Teatro Maria Matos since 2006. In 2010, he attended the “Financement et Economie de la Culture” course, in Paris, given by the Maison des Cultures du Monde and by the Université Paris-Dauphine and the first course in Dance Management Production (Forum Dança, 1999).

Ana Gabriel
Ego ísmo

Concept and performer: Ana Gabriel Mendes Co-production: FIMFA LX - in the framework of Projecto Embrião [supports young creators] Technique: Object theatre

“Self-interest or the mad passion for ourselves”
Self-interest generally refers to an exclusive love, a focus on one’s own needs or desires (interests). Intimately connected to the human condition, it is as dangerous as moral vice, yet essential to the species evolution.
Always keeping up with humanity's discoveries, inventions, and achievements through time, self-interest makes us move forward to our future.
Together, we despise others’ self-interest: this is our own gift to ourselves and this is where we stand at this moment…

Ana Gabriel was born in 1984, in Lisbon. In 1998, she began her Theatre Studies, at Escola Professional de Música e Artes de Almada, and debuts as a performer in 2003.
Always searching for a multi-disciplinary art education, she has been studying different forms of theatre since 2001, such as Street Theatre, Theatre of Gesture, Dance, Performance and Stage Design. In 2007, she focused on Puppetry and Animated Forms as a performer and she is now taking her first steps as a creator...

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