Cie Lili Désastres

Cheio de (pequenos) nadas
19, 20 May at 10.30am and 11.45am
Thursday and Friday
21, 22 May at 11am
Saturday and Sunday

Centro Cultural Vila Flor Guimarães
24 May at 10am e 7pm
Teatro Viriato Viseu
26 May at 10am e 7pm
Teatro Virgínia Torres Novas
27 May at 2.30pm and 28 May at 10.30am

Inspiration: Francesca Sorgato Scenography and light devices : Flop Idea: Sophie Vignaux Direction: Emmanuelle Zanfonato Movement: Christine Pètre Costume: Freija Wouters Tree: Stéphane Delaunay Stool: Gilles Bossé Performer: Francesca Sorgato, Emmanuelle Zanfonato or Stéphane Delaunay Attentive ear: Géraldine Keller Photography: Agnès Desfosses Aknowledgements: Paul, Mathis, Simon and Emile, ramasseurs de feuilles, Agnès Defosses, Marie Cougnaud and La Luciole Technique: Objects and shadows For audiences over: M/1 Time: 40 min. Language: Without words

“I have always been fascinated by the power of concentration developed by babies facing a leaf swaying in the wind: and how from their look absorbed by the movement, we irremediably turn our attention to this instant, an instant of nothingness, of not much, and experience the present, the contemplation.
A precious moment for sharing...”

Francesca Sorgato

A magical and fascinating show, of discovery, with extracts from "Ursonate" by Kurt Schwitters (1922-1932).

After the show “Gribouille” the Cie Lili Désastres continues to develop its work for younger audiences, mixing poetry, music, songs and objects. Francesca Sorgato creates a real mysterious and true attraction. She is the one that causes the desire of overcoming the fear of the unknown to open up and to a greater and happy knowledge of an infinite world.

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