Cie des Chemins de Terre

Richard, le Polichineur d’Écritoire
26, 27 May at 10.15pm
Thursday and Friday

Performer: Stéphane Georis Direction: Francy Bégasse Dramaturgy: Stéphane Georis and Francy Bégasse Technician: Christian-Marc Chandelle Photographys: Marianne Grimont Technique: Object theatre For audiences over: M/8 Time: 70 min. Language: Spanish, French and Portuguese

Le "Polichineur d’Écritoire"(Richard) is a teacher of Literature. Over the course of three grueling chapters, you will devour Shakespeare’s famous plays Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, and Richard III through delicious puppets and bizarre object theatre.

Hamlet is performed with torn paper, Romeo & Juliet with clothes, Richard III with a pork joint. A funny, impertinent and disrespectful lesson full of brilliant humor by Stéphane Georis.

HAMLET - To be or not to be?
When the young prince saw his uncle kill his father, he wondered: ‘Why should I go on living? Isn’t it better to be dead?’ In our light hearted interpretation of this tragic tale, our superhero, Ricky, attempts to save the world… but only succeeds in making it worse. Life is worthless, and worthless is life!

ROMEO AND JULIET - A Strip-tease of Shakespeare!
The story is possibly the most famous of all time. Our goal here was to recreate all the roles using only the clothes the comedian is wearing onstage. His shirt, his jacket, one shoe, a pair of gloves, will transform into the cast of this fabulous love story

RICHARD III - Literary butchery
This play is all about butchery. We use a butcher’s table as our set, and cuts of meat to make the characters, but all still die one after another! Feel the madness, taste the power, see the money trail, hear the racism, and marvel at French gastronomy.

The Cie des Chemins de Terre was formed in 1998 by Stéphane Georis and Geneviève Cabodi with the objective of making street theatre. They already made more than fifteen shows. Some of these had a big success, like “Polichinuer de Tiroirs”, created in co-production with the Festival des Arts Forains de Namur, it was presented more than four hundred times in eighteen countries.
Stéphane Georis is also a juggler, an acrobat, a clown and knows how to walk in stilts. Inside his company he makes puppet shows from objects and vegetables.

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