WHS - Kalle Hakkarainen

Nopeussokeus - Speed Blindeness
26, 27 May at 9.30pm
Thursday and Friday

Design, direction, performer: Kalle Hakkarainen Music and sound design: Samuli Kosminen Lighting design: Meri Ekola Text: Harry Salmenniemi Choreography adviser: Jyrki Karttunen Costume: Mila Moisio, Kaisa Rissanen Properties: Kalle Hakkarainen, Juha Pakarinen, Timo Weman Programming and projection design: Kalle Hakkarainen High-speed filming: Teemu Liakka Lighting: Meri Ekola, Ainu Palmu Photography: Petri Virtanen Production: WHS, Kiasma Theatre, Karttunen Kollektiv Aknowledgements: Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Leena Nio, Suho Nio, SoleusProteor, ProDisplay/Marko Ertunc, Tuukka Konttinen, Henrik Tanabe/Olympus, Tuija Luukkainen, Matias Boettge, Markus Kahre, Seppo Salminen, Silvia Hosseini, Ona Kamu, Anne, Matti and Ville, Kiasma Theatre, Jani-Matti Salo, Heikki Paasonen Technique: Objects, video, magic, dance For audiences over: M/10 Time: 35 min. Language: Without words

“Nopeussokeus” is a groundbreaking solo performance depicting the long seconds when a body and a machine collide. It seeks interfaces between cinema and stage magic by creating on a theater stage scenes, that we are accustomed to seeing only in still pictures or in a film in slow motion. Speed Blindness gives the viewer a new perspective on how magic tricks and magic in general are performed and creates a hypnotic tension with its mixture of magic and visual arts. “Nopeussokeus” is new magic.

“Nopeussokeus” somehow brings to mind the twisted world of David Lynch. It is an atmospheric piece with virtual driving in a car, struggling to stay awake. Trees, houses, fields – and time flash by. All the time the potential collision, crash, danger and death can be sensed in the air. The strong sound universe was born from the pen of Samuli Kosminen.

“The atmosphere of both the solo performances seen in Kiasma theatre [Nopeussokeus - Speed Blindeness and Mortimer] is rather dark and melancholic. The world is twisted and everything will end in death sooner or later, more or less violently.
While waiting one can even stretch time and explore the last seconds before a car crash caused by falling asleep, like Hakkarainen does in his performance Nopeussokeus. The keyword is deceleration, which allows the blood veins of a decomposing body to be exhibited as red cable, with which Hakkarainen realizes the amazing illusion of the oeuvre.
Skillfulness and precise timing is required also in the performance’s driving scenes, in which the video and Hakkarainen’s live movements alternate…
Even though both of the solo works forefront the visual and even visual trickery, a very substantial part in the performances is played by Samuli Kosminen’s creation: the audiosphere that is so very tightly interlaced with the entity, that it is difficult to analyze afterwards.
Nopeussokeus and Mortimer are not easy performances, but they indeed are skillful and inspiring many kinds of associations”.

Annikki Alku

“WHS group defines itself as a contemporary circus / visual theatre group. The double bill night seen in September proves this definition to be just right.
First of all [Nopeussokeus and Mortimer] are both very visual pieces, based on different kinds of illusions… Furthermore video projections play a significant role in both pieces… Especially the sound design by Kosminen brings a strong structural support to both of the pieces.
Nopeussokeus by Hakkarainen is the more streamlined of the two pieces. It is a cinematic journey into the visions of a nocturnal driver, almost minimalist in its expression. Red electric cords and tungsten lamps function as symbols of human carnality and vulnerability.
Magician – visual artist Hakkarainen creates in his piece dreamlike visions, images of death, with the help of video projections and some skilful illusions. In the mind of a driver falling asleep behind the steering wheel haunt different kinds of accident scenarios that distort and abuse the body.
The few ‘sleights of hand’, which justify this performance to be called new circus, are used for the realization of these visions. More than anything the piece in question is visual, wordless theatre that to some extent brushes also the limit of the art of dance”.

Piia Ahonen, Tanssi 04 / 2010 (Magazine Danse)

WHS - Kalle Hakkarainen has grown known for the juggling style of Walo, that balances on the boundary surfaces between juggling, puppet theatre and dance, and the scale of expression of Hakkarainen, that reaches from film to object manipulation and magic. The company has toured with their previous performances all over the world.
Kalle Hakkarainen is a magician and a video artist. In his work he examines the new kinds of expression possibilities provided by video image and its capacities related to time and space. As a magician Hakkarainen has specialised in developing new tricks and new kinds of magic. His inventions have been published in the most important professional magic publications such as the MAGIC-Magazine. In 2000 he won the third prize in the world magic championship (FISM) on the inventions category. In addition to his work as a magician he has worked as director, editor and animator in TV shows, commercials and short films.

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